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Have you ever wanted to have an aerial picture taken of your house, but were put off by the cost? For anybody living in Potterne, perhaps I can assist?

Using a Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter fitted with a High Definition camera, capable of taking Video or Still photography, it is relatively simple to take exactly the picture that you require. You can even "Direct the shots" as you will be able to an see exactly what the camera is looking at via the monitor screen on my Radio Control box!

All that is required is a calm day, with little or no wind and no rain - and my availabilty of course! The Mavic 2 Pro will fly approximately 30 minutes on a full charge.

The photo of my house, below, was taken using my previous quadcopter, the Phantom 3 Pro. More examples of aerial pictures are available if you click on "Gallery", above. There are also some links to YouTube videos taken using the quadcopter, to show you what is possible. All the photos and video taken during the flight will be saved to a memory stick so that you can do whatever you want with them afterwards. I can do some basic video editing if you require it. I can also provide one A4 Colour Laser Print of the photo of your choice!

Fancy having a go? Contact Brian Teeder at Whistley Mill. Click on "Contact" above.

Please Note: This is not a Business, but is being offered as a friendly service to Potterne Residents only, as that is where I live!
All that I ask is for the cost of the memory stick to be covered and a small consideration for my shoe leather if you feel so inclined! More importantly, I ask for your patience while waiting for my availability and appropriate weather conditions to coincide!

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